When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301

Elliot is on that yacht, is it possible that my mother is also on that yacht? Thinking of this, Hayden immediately picked up his mobile phone and dialed Avery.

Avery answered the phone quickly.

“Mom, where are you now?”

“Mom is in the hospital now.” Avery glanced at Xander and said to Hayden, “Mom has a classmate who has a broken bone and is hospitalized in the hospital. I’m visiting him in the hospital now.”

“Oh .” Hayden was relieved and at the same time, he wondered, “What classmate?”

“It’s a classmate of your mother when she was in graduate school. He happened to be traveling here in Yonroeville and unfortunately broke a bone.” Avery explained.

“Got it.” Hayden was silent for two minutes. Later, he said, “Mom, I’m about to start school.”

Avery blamed herself very much: “Hayden, I’m sorry. Mom can’t take you to school in person. Let Uncle Mike take you there, okay? Wait for mom. When you are free, Mom will see you immediately.”

“Yeah.” Hayden knew that this would be the result, but he was still very disappointed.

After hanging up the phone, Hayden held the mouse, exited the news website, and searched for flight information.

Mom can’t come back to see him. So Hayden decided to go to Yonroeville to see mom. Before school starts, he wants to see his mother. He planned to go quietly by himself.

It’s not that he wants to take risks, but that Mike has been busy these two days.

Just when Hayden was about to buy a ticket, the door was suddenly pushed open.

Mike’s face appeared at the door.

“Hayden, I’m going to the company. If you have anything to do, call me.” Maike said.

Hayden’s heart was beating fast, but his face was calm: “Is something wrong with the company?”

“Something went wrong. Wanda didn’t know where to find a very powerful R&D talent… This person is very mysterious. I have been checking the details of this person these days.” Mike said and sighed, “You don’t have to worry, even if the company goes bankrupt, I can support you.”

Mike pretended to say it easily and left.

Hayden is more worried about Avery’s safety now, so he has no energy to worry about the future of Tate Industries.



After Avery finished talking with Hayden, she dialed Nick’s number again.

She called Nick a few times just now, but Nick didn’t answer.

She doesn’t know if Nick is busy, or Nick doesn’t answer her phone on purpose.

After dialing the phone, she looked outside the emergency room.

It’s been almost an hour, and it stands to reason that the ambulance should have arrived long ago.

–Could it be that the injured were not sent to this hospital? Just when she was thinking about it, Nick answered her phone and asked, “Avery, do you want to ask me about the shooting?”

“Nick, is Elliot injured?” Avery took her mobile phone and walked outside the emergency room, “Did Cristian move your hand?”

Nick sneered, “Tsk tsk, even You have already guessed it! Cristian, this brainless thing, no matter how many years have passed, no matter how many beatings he has received, he will not grow his brain. In this wave, Cristian is considered to have lost his mind.”

Cristian planned to kill Elliot today. If Elliot is dead, it is possible for Cristian to take over the Jobin family property.

Unfortunately, his plan failed. The bullet that was going to hit Elliot was blocked by Rebecca’s body.

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