When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302

At the same time, Kyrie also woke up.

Kyrie was furious when he knew what had happened.

Rebecca was shot in the left scapula and has been sent to the nearest hospital for surgery to retrieve the bullet.

Cristian and Elliot were outside the operating room, waiting for the operation to end.

Of course Cristian would not admit that the shooting was his own. But Kyrie didn’t listen to his explanation at all.

Kyrie directly slapped Cristian in front of everyone.

Kyrie’s face was ashen, He said, “Why don’t you just kill me? If you kill me, you will inherit my properties directly, isn’t it more convenient?”

There are five distinct fingerprints on Cristian’s cheeks. “Dad! I really didn’t do it. Besides, how dare I kill you, I’m not a beast.”

Seeing that Cristian refused to admit it, Kyrie raised his hand and ready to give him another slap.

Seeing this, Elliot blocked Kyrie’s arm.

“Since Cristian said he didn’t do it, don’t be angry.” Elliot said coldly.

Kyrie retracted his arms angrily, staring at his son with gloomy eyes: “If you really want to kill, can you f*cking stop being so obvious? Stupid thing without a brain. Why do I call Elliot to help me, it’s because I don’t see any hope in you. If the Jobin family is handed over to you, do you believe that within half a year our Jobin family will fall?”

Cristian gritted his teeth, his body was tense, and his heart was unwilling.

“Do you know how other people laugh at you behind your back? They call you a stupid pig.” Kyrie clenched his fists and cursed angrily, “You are such a f*****g stupid pig. Get the hell out of here.”

After scolding, Cristian angrily left.

Kyrie sighed heavily and looked at Elliot: “I was careless. I didn’t expect him to be so eager to attack you.”

Elliot sat down on the bench next to him and said slowly, “Cristian really isn’t very good at hiding his inner thoughts.”

Kyrie sat down beside Elliot and said, “Otherwise I wouldn’t let you stay with me. I said I wouldn’t touch you. Elliot, I’m not joking with you. I have four sons in total, besides him and Rebecca, I have two sons. My two sons are much smarter than Cristian, but unfortunately they are both killed by the enemy.”

“Rebecca is also very smart.” Elliot said calmly.

“I know. I have been very strict with her since I was a child. I didn’t let her have her own ideas. I just wanted her to learn my way of thinking and not be as ignorant and ignorant as ordinary women but she seems to have fallen in love with you.” He eased a little.

Elliot was noncommittal.

When the bullets flew over today, Rebecca stood in front of him without any hesitation. If she doesn’t love him, she doesn’t have to risk her life to save him.

“Elliot, you said you would treat Rebecca well, but what you and Avery did on the yacht today disappointed me…” Kyrie did not shy away from having a showdown with him.

The yacht is owned by Kyrie, and every guest room is monitored. Every staff member on board is a member of Kyrie.

So Elliot and Avery’s every move was difficult to hide from Kyrie.

“Did you remember Avery? Otherwise, how could you get along with Avery so quickly?” Kyrie looked at Elliot suspiciously.

Elliot said, “We Just went to bed.”

Kyrie was stunned.

“I promised you that I would take care of Rebecca, but I never promised that there would only be Rebecca a woman in my life.” Elliot used what Avery taught him to bet money on Kyrie’s mouth.

Kyrie suddenly burst out laughing: “Elliot, you have changed a bit. You didn’t want this woman before, but now you suddenly think about it?”

“I don’t think about it that much. Women are not worth my energy to think about.” Elliot tone was cold and indifferent.

“If you can think this way, I won’t worry about it. I don’t mind how many women you want to play with, as long as your wife now is Rebecca, and you have to take good care of her. I will not interfere in your private life.” Kyrie said.

Elliot: “Well.”

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