When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1303

Chapter 1303

Kyrie looked at the blood on his white shirt and said, “Elliot, you go back to take a shower and change your clothes first. You’ve been tired all day today. Take a bath and get a good night’s sleep. After Rebecca’s surgery is over, she won’t wake up for a while. So you will come back to the hospital tomorrow morning to accompany her.”

Elliot was not polite, got up from the chair, and strode out of the hospital.

Seeing Elliot’s figure disappear from sight, the expression on Kyrie’s face suddenly became extremely gloomy.

Today was Rebecca’s birthday, but Elliot and Avery were on the yacht where the banquet was held.

His behavior, in addition to not taking Rebecca in his eyes, did not take the entire Jobin family in his eyes.

Kyrie couldn’t stop him from playing with women outside, but on such an important occasion today, he completely disregarded the face of the Jobin family, which made Kyrie very annoyed.

Did he really think that the Jobin family would die without him?

Kyrie gritted his teeth, and his anger grew stronger.

Cristian won’t let him worry, at least he won’t betray him. Elliot’s ability is strong, which is a good thing, but he may betray him at any time.

If the two of them are compared together, Kyrie is even more afraid that Elliot will become a hidden danger.

After smoking two cigarettes, Kyrie picked up the phone and dialed Cristian: “I’m giving you a chance to atone for your sins now.”

Cristian was drinking at home, and when he heard his father’s words, he immediately put down the bottle: “What do you want me to do?”

“What I ask you to do is more risky. But If you do it well, I will definitely not hand over the core business of the Jobin family to outsiders. Do you understand what I mean?” Kyrie threw out the benefits, and Cristian was immediately stunned.

Cristian said, “Dad, I will definitely work hard this time.”



At 10 a.m.

After Ben Schaffer went to work, Gwen walked out of the guest room. She is now pregnant with Ben Schaffer’s child, so Ben Schaffer will not let her do anything.

There were three meals a day. Specially a nanny came and did all the housework everyday.

She didn’t have to think about anything other than eating and drinking every day.

Although such a day was boring, it was much more stable than the days when she had eaten this meal and worried about the next meal. At least she won’t be too anxious about her future life now.

After Gwen came out of the room, the nanny immediately brought breakfast to her.

“Miss, did you wait for Mr. Schaffer to go out before you came out?” the nanny said with a smile.

“Yeah.” Gwen glanced at the breakfast and saw the fried browned chicken breast, and suddenly felt a little sick, “I’ll just eat porridge.”

“It seems that you have started to have early pregnancy symptoms. Mr. Schaffer asked me this morning. What about the early pregnancy reaction.”

“Why did he ask this?” Gwen picked up the porridge bowl and took a small bite.

“He said that you eat a lot at every meal, and he suspected that you would not suffer from early pregnancy.”

Gwen said, “Humph! Mr. Schaffer didn’t like me, and he would laugh at me for everything.”

The nanny: “Mr. Schaffer was not laughing at you. He was thinking that If you didn’t have early pregnancy reaction, you didn’t have to suffer.”

Gwen said, “Would Mr. Schaffer be so kind?”

“Gwen, you have a big prejudice against him. If Mr. Schaffer really hates you that much, he won’t take you into the house for good care. “

Gwen blushed. At this time, her cell phone rang, and it was a strange call. She hesitated and answered the phone.

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