When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308

Kyrie’s remarks almost tacitly agreed that he did the kidnapping case tonight.

“Brother, give me Avery, and I’ll let her leave the country immediately.” Kyrie didn’t dare to say more to anger Kyrie.

Now that Avery is in the hands of Kyrie, Elliot doesn’t know what kind of torture Avery will suffer.

“Yes! But wait until tomorrow. Not tonight.” Kyrie looked at his face and said coldly, “Didn’t you say that you didn’t focus on women? I promise she won’t die, so you can go back and rest in peace!”

“Why not tonight?” Elliot intuitively felt that these words contained great danger.

Kyrie said, “Cristian was very angry when he knew that you messed with her at Rebecca’s birthday banquet today. So I decided to teach her a lesson. I told Cristian, I can’t take her life. So Cristian at most play with Avery and she’s not your wife now. You and other men can play with her, right?”

Elliot’s forehead bulged, his fingers clenched.

“Brother, it was my fault and you can punish me if you’re angry. Please let Avery go.” Elliot’s jaw tightened. After hesitating for two seconds, he knelt down on one knee and continued, “Avery is the mother of my three children. I don’t want her to be humiliated.”

“Just Two of your three children don’t have your last name.” Kyrie teased.

“When I return to Aryadelle in the future, I can change the child’s surname.” Elliot said.

“Then how do you know that she didn’t voluntarily have a good time with Cristian?” Kyrie squinted his fox eyes and scolded coldly.

Elliot actually knelt down for Avery. How can he believe that he doesn’t have Avery in his heart?

“You asked me to go over and ask her face to face. If she says she is willing, I will never interfere in her affairs again.”

Kyrie said ruthlessly, “Elliot, You care more about Avery than Rebecca. Even if Rebecca blocked the bullet for you, you still miss this ex-wife. If I destroy Avery, you will only care about Rebecca in the future. This is Yonroeville, my territory. Even if you hate me for this, I must teach you a lesson. Let you know what happens if you disobey me.”

Kyrie got up from the chair and continued, “Elliot, Since you don’t want to go back to rest, then you can just watch Rebecca here.”

After speaking, Kyrie strode out of the ward.

Elliot stood up, looked at the closed door, and gritted his teeth.

This is Yonroeville, the sphere of influence of Kyrie. Even if Kyrie wanted his life, it would be easy.

Elliot couldn’t save Avery at all.

Not long after, the door to the ward was pushed open. The bodyguard came in and reported, “Mr. Foster, a man named Xander is outside and wants to see you.”

Elliot’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down. After a pause, he said, “Let him in. Go buy me a pack of cigarettes.”

The bodyguard took the order and walked out immediately.

Xander came in, looked at Rebecca sleeping on the hospital bed, and came to Elliot tremblingly.

“Didn’t I ask you to save Avery? Why are you here?” Xander couldn’t unlock Avery’s cell phone and couldn’t contact Elliot, so he had to inquire about the hospital where Rebecca was hospitalized. Fortunately, Elliot was found successfully.

However, looking at Elliot’s appearance, it seems that he does not intend to control Avery’s life or death.

“How did you find this place?” Elliot looked at him and asked.

“I asked Vice President Lewis where Rebecca was hospitalized, and he told me that he was here, so I came to see.” Xander looked indignant, “Avery asked me to find you to rescue her. Elliot, even if you don’t remember her now, but you can’t just watch her die.”

“Avery won’t die.” Elliot said.

What Kyrie had promised him would not change.

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