Chapter 1312

When Ben Schaffer sent Gwen to the Starry River Villa, Hayden was about to go out. He bought a ticket at 3 o’clock this afternoon and flew to Yonroeville.

But because of Gwen’s arrival, his travel plans were disrupted.

Ben Schaffer apologized to Hayden, “Hayden, I’m sorry for your aunt. She refused to live in my house, so I sent her over. I’ll call your mother later to explain the situation.”

Hayden looked at Gwen glanced.

Gwen’s eyes were red and swollen from crying, and she looked aggrieved by being bullied. She lowered her head, carried her luggage, and walked towards the guest room she stayed in before.

“The baby is gone.” After Gwen walked away, Ben Schaffer said to Hayden, “It was made by the woman sister who lived next door to me.”

Hayden didn’t want to hear his explanation anymore after hearing this: “Go away. I don’t want to see you.”

Ben Schaffer looked guilty and wanted to say something, but he knew that what he said was superfluous. After Ben Schaffer left, Hayden took the schoolbag to the room and put it down.

When Hayden came to the living room, Mrs. Cooper asked, “Aren’t you going to Layla’s place? Don’t worry, I will take care of your aunt.”

Layla was taken to the event by Eric.

Hayden agreed to let Layla help lie, and he secretly went to Yonroeville to see Avery.

Layla agreed.

“I’ll go tomorrow.” Hayden said, walking towards Gwen’s room. He didn’t like Elliot, but he knew clearly that although Elliot and Gwen were brothers and sisters, they were completely different people.

He was very sympathetic to what happened to Gwen, so he was willing to be nice to Gwen. Coincidentally, when Hayden was about to knock on the door, Gwen opened the door from the room.

“Hayden, is he gone?”


Gwen hugged Hayden, “My child is gone. I’m a little sad, but thinking that I’m giving birth to the child now is just to trouble everyone, so I’m not so sad anymore. I’m fine now. I really want to become a powerful person like your mother.”

Hayden released her: “I’ll help you.”

After a pause, he said, “But you want to go with me to Bridgedale.”

Gwen didn’t hesitate to think and nodded.



Rebecca woke up in the middle of the night and saw a man lying on the table sleeping next to her. She was in a daze, thinking it was Elliot, so she shouted, “Elliot…”

Xander woke up immediately when she heard the voice. He looked at Rebecca, and Rebecca also looked at him.

Seeing that the face in front of him was not that of Elliot, but that of a strange man, Rebecca screamed in fright.

Xander immediately walked to the bedside and covered her mouth.

“Don’t call me. I’m not a bad person. I wanted to leave, but Elliot never came. I can’t leave you in the ward alone, right?” Xander had a headache.

Rebecca heard Elliot’s name, the mood suddenly calmed down. It turned out that this strange man was Elliot’s friend.

Xander introduced himself, “I’m Avery’s classmate, my name is Xander. I came here to find Elliot. But after Elliot left, he never came. Your family didn’t send anyone here. I really want to go, so you should contact your family now, I should go.”

Xander said, took out his mobile phone, and checked the time.

It’s already 3 a.m.

Xander didn’t know if Avery returned to the hotel safely. Avery’s mobile phone is in his hand, he should go back and check the situation.

Rebecca’s eyes were dull and her voice was very weak, “You and Avery are in the same group. You came here to find Elliot for Avery.”

Xander confessed, “Yes! Avery was kidnapped tonight. The situation is very critical, I can only come to Elliot for help. Forget it, I’ll call the nurse to watch you.”

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