When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313

After Xander finished speaking, he strode out of the ward. He came out of the ward and saw Elliot standing not far away. He was leaning against the window smoking a cigarette. Unexpectedly, he had already returned to the hospital. However, he did not enter the ward.

Xander strode towards Elliot and saw a pile of cigarette butts in the trash can in front of him.

“Is Avery safe?” Xander asked.

“Well. I saw that you were asleep, so I didn’t bother you.” Elliot threw the cigarette between his fingers into the trash can, “Go away.”

“I’m going back. Rebecca wakes up, you go back to the ward. Take a look.” Xander said.

Elliot pursed his thin lips and strode towards the ward.

Xander walked towards the elevator. For some reason, Elliot gave him a terrible feeling.

Although Elliot’s face was calm, there were dark waves in his eyes. He always felt that he was like a dormant beast that could wake up at any time!

In a flash, the time came to morning.

Avery came to the door of Xander’s room and pressed the doorbell.

Xander opened the door, saw Avery, and immediately invited her in.

“Xander, why are your eyes so swollen? You need to prescribe some medicine.” Avery was startled by the injury on his face.

Xander said, “I took anti-inflammatory drugs. By the way, your phone is with me, but it’s out of power.”

Xander returned the phone to her and continued, “When did you come back last night?”

“I came back sooner, so I didn’t come to you. What about you?” Avery took the phone and answered then questioned.

“I didn’t come back until after 3 a.m.” Xander took a bottle of water, twisted it open, and took a sip, “I was so sleepy last night that I fell asleep in Rebecca’s ward.”

“Xander, thank you last night…” Avery hardly slept last night, but she was in good spirits at the moment.

Probably because she escaped from death last night, it was too thrilling, and her tense nerves had not yet relaxed.

“I was only going to ask you to invite me to a big meal, but now it seems that there are no two big meals, and you are afraid that you will not pay my favor.” Xander put down the water bottle and continued, “Have you had breakfast yet? Let’s go together. Let’s eat.”

Avery: “Okay. After breakfast, I’ll accompany you to change your glasses.”

“Well. By the way, before your phone was turned off, a call came in. I didn’t see it clearly, and your phone was turned off.” Xander was afraid that it was an important call, so he said, “Why don’t you go back to your room to recharge first, and I’ll bring you what you want to eat.”

Avery: “Okay, you can bring me a sandwich and a glass of milk.”

Xander: “Yeah.”

Avery went back to the room, charged the phone, and turned it on.

Mrs. Cooper and Ben Schaffer’s missed calls jumped out immediately. After thinking for a while, Avery called Ben Schaffer first.

If Ben Schaffer is not in a hurry, he will not call her.

Avery called and Ben Schaffer answered it immediately: “Avery, why can’t you get through with your phone?”

She said lightly, “My phone ran out of power last night and turned off. What’s the matter with you calling me?”

“Gwen’s child is gone. It was done by a woman I know. This matter has a great impact on Gwen, and she has moved to your house now.” Ben Schaffer said concisely, and said with guilt, “I want to give her some money, But she doesn’t answer my phone now.”

Avery frowned, “Since the child is gone, forget it. You don’t need to give her money, I will take care of her.”

Ben Schaffer: “You blame me.”

“That’s not true. My own life is a mess, so I don’t have the right to blame others.” Avery said very calmly.

Ben Schaffer pondered for a moment and asked, “Is Elliot still not remembering you?”

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