Chapter 1314

“Only he knows about this issue.” Avery was in a mess. She felt that Elliot had remembered her but he didn’t say it, so she wasn’t sure.

Elliot saved her last night, and it may also be because they had an intimate act at noon yesterday.

Ben Schaffer asked, “Then what’s your next plan? Do you need my help? Elliot forgot you, but he didn’t forget me.”

“Has he contacted you?” Avery asked curiously.

“No.” Ben Schaffer was embarrassed, “I had a call from a strange number in Yonroeville before, but I didn’t answer. When I called, he didn’t answer.”

“I know his number in Yonroeville. Avery’s mood suddenly became nervous, “You report the number you said to me, and I’ll see if it’s him.”

“Okay.” Ben Schaffer minimized the call record, clicked on the address book, and found the unfamiliar number.

After he reported the number, Avery’s breathing quickened: “it’s Elliot. Ben Schaffer, this number is the one Elliot uses now.”

“I guessed it was him. He only forgot you, not me, so he not only remember me, but also my number.” Ben Schaffer was breathing heavily, “It’s just that he doesn’t answer my call now. You said that he is unfeeling, so there’s no need to give up brotherhood, right?”

Avery also doesn’t understand Elliot now mental state.

“Do you want me to meet Elliot?” Ben Schaffer wanted to have a face-to-face talk with Elliot now.

If Elliot doesn’t want to talk about Avery, Ben Schaffer can talk to him about the Sterling Group. Although his shares are now under the name of Adrian, the entire company only recognizes him as one boss.

“No.” Avery calmly said without hesitation, “It’s particularly dangerous here, and none of you should come here.”

“F*ck! What you said is a bit scary.” Ben Schaffer suddenly panicked, “Are you saying that your lives are in danger at any time?”

“It’s not as scary as you think. Anyway, don’t come here. I’m here now.” Avery thought about it all night last night, and the more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt.

“Elliot is now Rebecca’s husband, and Kyrie must be staring at Elliot from all angles. Yesterday, I was careless and did that kind of thing with Elliot on the yacht. Cristian knew about it, and Kyrie must know it too. It is uncertain how Kyrie will deal with Elliot next.”

“Okay, I won’t go there. Then be careful! Even if you want to find Elliot, you will find it secretly. The country is too far away from Yonroeville, and there is nothing you can do to support you.” Ben Schaffer reminded her.

Avery suddenly thought of a question, “Do you know what Mike is busy with recently? He hasn’t called me anymore.”

“It’s better if you call him. I’ve been very busy recently because of Gwen’s affairs. Ben Schaffer sighed, “Actually, I don’t despise Gwen that much but she always thinks that I despise her and I don’t know how to communicate with her normally.”

Avery said, “She has a low self-esteem, that’s why she is like this. Since she chose to cut off contact with you, you don’t have to think about it.”

Ben: “That’s the only way.”

After talking with Ben Schaffer, Avery called Mrs. Cooper.

Mrs. Cooper quickly answered the phone: “Avery, are you alright there?”

Avery: “Alright. How about at home?”

Mrs. Cooper said, “Everything is fine at home. Eric took Layla out to shoot an advertisement. Hayden also wanted to go there. I called you in the morning, mainly to tell you this. But Gwen came over at noon, so Hayden didn’t go. He said he would go to Layla tomorrow.”

“Okay. I’ll call Eric tomorrow night.” Avery said.

“Well. How are you and Mr. Foster?” Mrs. Cooper asked with concern.

She was afraid that Mrs. Cooper was worried, so she reported the good news instead of the bad news: “It’s considered a great progress.”

“That’s good. I knew that the two of you have gone through so much wind and rain, and you will definitely not be separated easily.”

“Well. “

She doesn’t actually have a lot of confidence.

Unless Elliot told her clearly that he remembered her and their past, she would feel at ease.


In the hospital.

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