When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1316

Chapter 1316

After seeing Elliot face clearly, Hayden almost reflexively walked towards another elevator.

Elliot and his entourage got out of the elevator and strode towards the hotel door. He didn’t seem to see Hayden. In other words, he saw Hayden, but did not realize that this was his son.

All in all, this encounter was a surprise.

After Elliot left, the elevator door in front of Hayden opened.

Hayden hesitated for a few seconds, and finally turned around and went to the front desk to check out. If he can meet Elliot today, he is not sure that he will meet Elliot in this hotel in the future.

This hotel was the best hotel in Yonroeville. The reason why Hayden booked here was because it’s safer.

However, the owner of this hotel was Kyrie.

Elliot came to the hotel today, and it was Kyrie who asked him to come and inspect.

Kyrie is determined to let Elliot take over the industry under his name.

Cristian was too reckless and made many enemies outside. If it wasn’t for Kyrie to block Elliot, Cristian would have been cleaned up long ago.

So Kyrie sent him to another city to develop his business the year before.

Obviously it is to develop business, but in fact it is to avoid the limelight.

However, Cristian has been developing business in other countries for several years, but has not achieved any results.

Kyrie can only grab Elliot and let him use it for himself.

The two of them had a little unpleasantness because of Avery the day before yesterday, but luckily it didn’t affect the relationship.

Elliot came out of the hotel and strode towards the parking lot. The bodyguard stepped forward and opened the door for him.

He walked to the door, and his footsteps stopped suddenly.

“I’ll make a call.” He said this to the bodyguard, turned and walked towards the hotel fountain.

At this time, Avery and Xander were in the hospital.

Avery thought that the injury on Xander’s face must be rubbed with ointment, and Xander thought that she should come to the hospital for a re-examination to check the tumor in the brain.

Both tried to convince the other, and in the end, they compromised together.

Xander came to buy external rubbing medicine, and Avery came to review.

When Elliot’s call came, Avery was in the CT room for an examination. Her cell phone was placed in Xander’s hand.

Xander looked at Elliot’s call and hesitated to answer it. If he does, how can he explain that Avery’s cell phone is in his hand? Thinking of this, he decided not to take the call.

Elliot is a suspicious and shrewd man. Anyone who lies in front of him will look stupid.

5 minutes later, Avery came out of the CT room. Xander immediately walked up to her and handed her her mobile phone: “Elliot called you three times. Just now, three consecutive calls.”

Avery’s face changed greatly, and she immediately took the phone and called back.

Elliot answered it in seconds, and the voice came sternly: “Avery, Why did your son come here? Did you allow him or did he come without permission?”

Avery was stunned, and subconsciously supported the wall to support the weight of her body .

“You said Hayden? Where did you see him?” Her panicked tone explained everything. She didn’t know Hayden was here. Hayden secretly came here. It’s like something he can do. He is reckless and daring.

“Dl Hotel.” Elliot shouted in a low voice, “Come here quickly to find Hayden and send him away.”

“I’ll go there right away.” After Avery said this, Elliot hung up the phone. He strode towards the car and got into it.

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