When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1317

Chapter 1317

Elliot has other jobs next, so he can’t stay here forever. But he believed that after Avery came over, he would definitely find Hayden. As long as she found Hayden, she could send Hayden away from here.

Avery hung up the phone, and Xander asked, “what happened? You looked a little worry.”

“Xander, I’m in a hurry, I have to go out immediately.” Avery looked anxious and didn’t have time to tell him more, “I’ll explain to you later.”

After Avery finished speaking, she strode towards the elevator. Xander wanted to chase after her, but he thought that her CT results had not come out, so he could only help her here and wait for the results.

As soon as Avery moved, the bodyguard immediately followed her. Since the kidnapping case, the bodyguards have never left Avery.

The two entered the elevator, and the bodyguard asked, “What happened?”

“Elliot called me just now and said he saw Hayden.” Avery said nervously, and something came to her mind.

Avery turned on her phone and found Eric’s number.

When the elevator reached the first floor, she quickly got out of the elevator and dialed the phone.

Eric answered the phone quickly..

Avery asked, “Eric, Mrs. Cooper said that Hayden went to find you and Layla. Is he with you now?”

Eric glanced at Layla, a little embarrassed.

Layla asked him to help lie, but he couldn’t lie to Avery.

Avery had a headache, “Why didn’t you speak? Did Hayden not go to your side? Hayden has come to Yonroeville.”

“He’s looking for you?” Eric was completely unaware of Layla and Hayden’s plans.

If it wasn’t for Avery’s call, Eric wouldn’t know about it at all.

“No…He didn’t come to me.”

This is the reason for Avery’s headache. “Elliot said that he saw Hayden in the hotel. After Hayden came to Yonroeville, he didn’t contact me immediately, but went to the hotel. The more you have your own opinion, the more I’m afraid that something will happen to him.”

Eric wanted to comfort her, but before he could speak, Avery hurriedly said, “I’m going to find Hayden now. You must be optimistic about Layla.”


On the phone, Avery and the bodyguard strode out of the hospital.

After getting in the car, the bodyguard drove the car towards the DL hotel.

“Boss, didn’t Elliot forget you? Why does he still remember Hayden?” The bodyguard asked doubts.

Avery was startled for a moment: “Maybe he saw the photos online? The first time he saw me after the operation, he knew who I was. Besides, he just forgot me, not necessarily his three children.”

“Boss, do you think there is such a precise and accurate operation? How can I forget you, but remember the child you gave birth?” The bodyguard teased.

Avery was silent. She couldn’t answer the question.

Moreover, the most important thing now is to find Hayden and send him away.

20 minutes later, the two arrived at the DL hotel.

Avery walked to the front desk and asked, “Miss, please help me find out which room Hayden lives in. He is my son. He is not yet an adult. He came to the Bridgedaley himself. I am very worried about him.”

The lady at the front desk was a little embarrassed: “Miss, can you show your ID?”

Avery: “I’m sorry, I didn’t bring my ID. I’m really his mother, and he’s not ten years old now. Just check it out for me, Does he stay here, don’t tell me his specific room number.”

The lady at the front desk: “Hayden?”

“Yes, Hayden.” Avery typed out his son’s name on his mobile phone and showed it to the lady at the front desk.

The lady at the front desk checked on the computer, and then shook her head: “Sorry, we don’t have the name of Hayden staying in our hotel.”

Avery was stunned.

Elliot couldn’t lie to her. But there was no need for the lady at the front desk to lie to her.

Hayden doesn’t live here, so where is he now?

Avery came out of the hotel and found Hayden’s number to dial.

——Sorry, the user you dialed is temporarily out of service area.

Avery squatted down helplessly, her eyes were scarlet, thinking about what to do next.

At this time, Elliot’s phone call came again.

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