When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1319

Chapter 1319

Maybe Avery really shouldn’t be so pessimistic, now she couldn’t find him, and the Jobin family’s people were not so easy to find him.

After lunch, she went back to her room.

Hayden still did not contact her.

She took out the film and examined it carefully. The tumor in her brain was a little bigger than last time.

No wonder Xander’s face was so ugly at that time.

If Avery hadn’t said that Hayden was here and her whereabouts were unknown, Xander would have reminded her to undergo surgery as soon as possible.

At 3 p.m.

Elliot returned home after lunch. At lunch, he drank some wine. Because Kyrie called some close clients over, Elliot couldn’t help having a few drinks with them.

When he got home, he went straight to the bedroom. He was a little dizzy at the moment and had to rest before he could find Hayden at night.

He pushed open the bedroom door and saw Rebecca lying on the bed, he was stunned for a moment.

“Elliot, have you been drinking?” Rebecca put down the phone, looked at Elliot’s flushed face, and explained, “My eldest brother came to see me at noon, and he asked me to rest in the master bedroom.”

“Well.” Elliot sat down beside the bed and looked at her pale face, “How are you feeling today?”

Rebecca said, “Except for the pain in the wound, my spirit is much better than yesterday. Elliot, you shouldn’t drink. You’ve been taking medicine for two days, and you said that you can’t drink after taking the medicine, and they can’t force you to drink.”

“I want to sleep for a while.”

Rebecca understood what he meant and set off immediately, planning to get out of bed.

“You are injured, just lie down.” Elliot lay down beside her and closed his eyes.

Rebecca didn’t dare to breathe, and quietly watched him fall asleep.

She finally breathed a sigh of relief after she breathed evenly. She finally dared to stare at his face and carefully looking at every inch of his face.

It was the first time Rebecca and Elliot were in the same bed.

Elliot didn’t know, in fact, Rebecca had a crush on him for many years. It’s just that when Rebecca understands that her feelings for Elliot are between men and women, he has returned to Aryadelle to develop his career.

Later, he didn’t come to Yonroeville very much.

She didn’t expect him to have a bad day. If it wasn’t for this opportunity, how could Elliot possibly marry her?

Now that Elliot is Rebecca’s husband, she must not let Avery take Elliot away.

About 2 hours later, Elliot woke up from a nightmare. He dreamed that Hayden was brutally murdered by Cristian. After waking up, he found that it was a dream, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Rebecca, I suddenly remembered something. I want to go out.” Elliot looked at Rebecca, who was resting in bed.

Rebecca: “It’s about dinner. Where are you going?”

“Don’t ask me what I’m going for, and don’t tell others about my itinerary.” Elliot got out of bed and explained to her.

“Elliot, I know what you mean. Even if my eldest brother comes to ask about you, I will not tell you everything.” In order to reassure him, Rebecca promised, “My eldest brother is not your opponent at all. What you need to pay attention to is my dad.”

Hearing Rebecca’s words, Elliot was a little surprised.

“Elliot, I want to grow old with you.” Rebecca took the opportunity to confess.

A complicated look flashed in Elliot’s eyes: “You rest at home, if I come back late, don’t wait for me.”

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