When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1320

Chapter 1320

DL hotel.

Elliot didn’t go to the front desk to ask if Hayden’s check-in information was available. Avery came to ask during the day. Since the front desk said no, then there should be no.

Either Hayden came to Yonroeville and used fake identity information. Or Hayden went through the check-out procedure after meeting him at the hotel.

He wanted to check to see if Hayden was still in this hotel. He went directly to the monitoring room and asked the security guard on duty to call up this morning’s surveillance video and show it to him.

“Mr. Foster, what kind of person are you looking for? I’ll help you find it.”

“A child. But he is quite tall. I can find it myself.” Elliot sat down in the chair, holding the mouse to start adjusting the time on the monitor screen.

He only needs to check whether Hayden has checked in at the front desk, as well as check the monitoring of the elevator to see if Hayden has entered the elevator, and then he can determine whether he has actually checked in.

As a result, Elliot entered the approximate time when he and Hayden met, and pressed the search button, but a blank space appeared on the monitor.

His body suddenly tensed, and the fingers holding the mouse became stiff.

Surveillance is hacked!!

Elliot can enter other time periods to search at will, and other time periods are no problem.

It just so happened that Hayden presence in the hotel’s monitoring was deleted.

This just proves that Hayden has indeed come to Yonroeville. Elliot immediately got up from his chair, strode out of the monitoring room, and walked towards the front desk.

“What about the guy on the day shift today?”

Elliot saw that the front desk staff had changed to a woman.


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