When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1321

Chapter 1321

Mike teased, “Avery, don’t be crazy. Even if Hayden doesn’t look for you tonight, he should look for you in a few days. Don’t worry too much. At least he’s still safe now.”

With Mike’s answer, Avery felt a little relieved. But she had made an appointment with Elliot to find Hayden together, so she still had to go out.

Avery said to the bodyguard,”I’m going to the DL hotel now. I’ll drive over there. You wait here. Mike said he told Hayden the information of the hotel we stayed in. If Hayden came here to find us tonight, you will immediately give me a call.”

The bodyguard: “Okay, it’s not dangerous for you to go to Elliot, I’m afraid that the two of you will be caught by Kyrie.”

“If there is such a danger, Elliot won’t let me pass.”

Avery drove, heading towards DL hotel. About 20 minutes after she left, Hayden’s figure appeared in the bodyguard’s sight.

Hayden is not wearing his signature baseball cap, let alone his signature black schoolbag. He walked alone to the hotel lobby where Avery stayed. He was tall and thin, with a particularly tall and straight body, and the bodyguard recognized him at a glance.

The bodyguard strode up in front of him and grabbed his arm.

“Hayden! Your mother has been looking for you for a day, and she’s going crazy. Fortunately you’re all right.” The bodyguard looked at Elliot’s cold face in the light, and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Where’s my mother?” Hayden saw Mike sent him an encrypted message, so he came here.

“Your mother is looking for Elliot. Elliot is looking for you too.” The bodyguard dragged him to sit down on the sofa in the lobby and said, “Sit and wait for a while, I will call your mother. By the way, why are you roaming alone? It’s dangerous here. Your mother is going to send you home tonight. Don’t you know that she was kidnapped the day before yesterday and almost died.”

When Hayden heard the word ‘kidnapping’, he immediately grabbed the bodyguard’s arm.

“Don’t call my mother yet.” Hayden looked serious, “What’s the matter with the kidnapping case.”

Bodyguard: “Ahem, this is a long story…”

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