When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1322

Chapter 1322

Hayden: “You say it short.”

On Rebecca’s birthday, your mother and your father made out on the yacht, and after they were done, they were discovered by the Jobin family, and then that night, your mother was kidnapped by Cristian.” The bodyguard used the shortest text to restore all the facts, “Cristian wanted to insult your mother and stood up for his sister.”

Hayden’s body suddenly exuded a strong murderous aura.

Seeing that Hayden was angry, the bodyguard immediately coaxed: “Don’t be angry yet. Your mother is fine. Your mother is very smart. She lied that night, and of course she couldn’t do without Elliot’s help.”

Hayden wrote down the name ‘Cristian’.

“Yeah! Kyrie’s only son now.” The bodyguard teased, “Because he’s not good enough. He can’t be a leader, so Kyrie wants to keep your father in Yonroeville and be the lackey of the Jobin family.”

“This b*stard, How dare he bully my mother? I want to teach him a lesson!” Hayden squeezed his fist tightly.

“How do you teach him a lesson? This is the Jobin family’s territory. Elliot doesn’t dare to directly turn against the Jobin family, you little brat, what can you do…and your mother will definitely send you home tonight.”

“Don’t call my mother first.” Hayden didn’t respond to his cynicism, “You tell my mother that I’m safe. Tell her not to look for me. When I’m done, I’ll come to her.”

“Hey! What are you doing? Where do you live now? I can’t let you go.” The bodyguard chased after him.

He looked coldly at the bodyguard grabbing his big palm, threatening: “Believe it or not, I hacked your phone?”

The bodyguard suddenly let go.

This little ancestor, he can’t afford to offend him.

As soon as Hayden left, the bodyguard immediately called Avery: “Hayden came and left again. He said he was going to teach Cristian a lesson. I wanted to stop him, but I couldn’t.”

Avery’s scalp was numb “You can’t even stop a child, how can you protect me?”

“What kind of person is your son, don’t you know? He is a little devil.” The bodyguard was indignant and a little aggrieved.

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