When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1323

Chapter 1323

“Hayden said he was going to teach Cristian a lesson? You told him about my kidnapping?” Avery took a deep breath and said, “How could you tell him this? You know that he is a little impatient.”

“I didn’t mean to.” The bodyguard immediately apologized, “Hayden asked me to tell you that he is safe, so don’t worry. He will come to you when he says things are done.”

Avery felt that he was being pinched. She slapped her neck and couldn’t breathe.

Her breathing is getting heavier… The bodyguard listened to her breathing on the phone and was very worried: “Boss, are you all right?! Elliot is not with you now, you are still DL hotel?”

After the bodyguard asked a series of questions, there was a ‘beep beep’ sound of disconnection.

Elliot took Avery into his arms and hung up her phone.

“Avery! Cheer up! Hayden will be fine.” Elliot saw that she seemed to faint at any moment, so he picked her up by the waist and strode towards the car.

Today, because of Hayden, Avery can’t eat or sleep. Physical exhaustion, mental breakdown, so the current consequences.

Elliot carried her to the back seat of the car and lay down, then unscrewed the water bottle, trying to feed her some water.

Avery’s lips were a little dry, and Elliot suspected she was suffering from a slight heat stroke due to lack of water.

“Avery, Hayden is no longer a child. He knows what he’s doing. You wait for him to contact you. Don’t worry.” Elliot fed water into her mouth and comforted her patiently.

After she drank some water, she recovered a little.

“Why isn’t he a child?” Avery’s eyes were wet and her voice was trembling. “He’s only ten years old. Even if he knows what he’s doing. He can’t be responsible for what he’s doing.”

“I’ll continue to look for him.” Elliot rolled his throat, “I’ll go to another hotel to find him. But he doesn’t seem to use the identity of Hayden. The front desk at the day shift today said he used a Chinese name. You know his Chinese name? Does he have a Chinese name?”

“Where does he have a Chinese name? He must have used a fake identity.”

“He knows how to come here and use a fake identity, and he still has a sense of risk prevention.” Elliot continued to comfort her, “Go back to rest first. I’ll let you know when I find him.”

Avery looked at his familiar face with tears in her eyes, and his low voice as before echoed in her ears, as if everything went back to before he lost his memory.

For a moment, she was in a trance.

She grabbed his arm and couldn’t help but ask, “Elliot, have you recovered your memory, Did you?”

He looked at the tears on her face, and after a moment of silence, he said, “Whether I have it or not? Restoring my memory, my plans won’t change.”

“What plan?” Avery’s heartstrings tensed.

“Get back what I lost.” Elliot took her hand away from his arm, “When I finish dealing with this matter, I will go back to Aryadelle. When I find Hayden, you will go back to Aryadelle with him. Now you think If you know the questions, there will be answers. Even if you don’t come to me, I will find you.”

Avery sneered, “Are you looking for revenge? You don’t remember our relationship at all. You obviously know nothing. No loss, you have to put yourself in the position of the victim.”

Elliot said sharply, “Avery, what’s the point of you struggling with this issue now? Now finding the child is the most important thing.”

“The business of the two is also important.” Avery sat upright and upright, as if this would make her more dignified, “Rebecca blocked you from bullets, are you moved by her? You don’t want to be with me anymore, so I found the reason for this ‘amnesia’! Otherwise, how can you remember your son so clearly, but you can’t remember me alone?”

Elliot pursed his thin lips as Avery questioned.

“Say it, Have you changed your mind?” Avery persisted and asked him, “You answer me, I have the right to know the truth. I don’t want to be kept in the dark by you anymore.”

“Tell me that you are really amnesiac, Or false amnesia? Tell me, do you plan to spend the rest of your life with Rebecca or do you want to go back to Aryadelle to live with me? Between me and her, you have to choose one.”

Avery wanted to grab the collar of his shirt to put pressure on him, but in the end, her fingers only lightly grabbed the front of his chest.

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