When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326

“I’m going to sleep in the guest room.” Elliot picked up the pillow and planned to leave.

“Elliot, don’t go, okay?” Rebecca begged softly, “I won’t touch you.”

“I’m afraid I accidentally touch your wound.” Seeing her so humble, Elliot explained, “Wait. You’ll talk when you’re healed.”

Rebecca received his explanation and was immediately satisfied.

“Elliot, I want to remind you one thing.” Rebecca reached out and turned on the bedside lamp on his side, “I checked Avery’s information today, and I finally know why you like her, because she is very good. But Elliot, this is Yonroeville, and my father doesn’t like Avery. If you’re good for yourself and her, you’d better stay away from her. If you need a woman outside, I won’t be angry. I don’t want you to quarrel with my father because of Avery.”

Rebecca could see the love marks on Elliot’s neck.

“I know.” Elliot said coldly.

Rebecca asked. “Then why didn’t you send her out of here? You could send her off the yacht in the first place, why can’t you send her out of Yonroeville? As long as you are cruel, you can do it.”

Elliot looked directly at Rebecca’s face.

Although Rebecca was lying on the bed, she looked particularly awake.

“Do you think you are very smart?” Elliot raised his lips and sneered, “If you want to keep me, then you’d better be a fool.”

Rebecca felt uncomfortable at his words.

It was obvious that everything Elliot said was sincere, and he didn’t appreciate it, he was angry with her.

Rebecca: “Elliot, I’m sorry.”

“Sleep!” After Elliot finished indifferently, he took the pillow and strode away from the master bedroom.

After a while, the door closed, and Rebecca’s tears fell.


Avery drove back to her hotel, and before the car stopped, he saw the bodyguard squatting outside the hotel door smoking.

Seeing her coming back, the bodyguard immediately strode towards her.

“Boss, why did you come back so late?” The bodyguard put out the smoke, “Did you go to Hayden?”

“Well.” Avery and Elliot did go to Hayden together.

Avery Continued, “I went to several big hotels, but I couldn’t find Hayden’s whereabouts.”

The bodyguard guessed: “He should live near our hotel. When he came here, he didn’t wear a hat or carry a schoolbag.”

Avery’s eyes suddenly brightened: “Didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“You didn’t give me a chance to say it at all. Ah! You were so sad, did you faint? I heard you were out of breath…”

“Well, it’s a little heatstroke.” Avery strode into the hotel, “I’ll look around tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow I will accompany you to find it.”

The time flickered, and it was the next morning.

The Jobin family villa was in a park. The environment was beautiful and the scenery was pleasant. The villa where Elliot and Rebecca live was on the right side of the park, and the villa where Cristian lives was on the left side of the park.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, Cristian woke up from the big bed. He used to pick up his phone to check the time.

As a result, a strange picture appeared on the phone screen. His phone screensaver and background were pictures of his young daughter.

Every time he turned on his phone, he would see his daughter’s cute little face.

But at this time, when he pressed the power button, what appeared on the screen was not his daughter’s face, but something similar to a timer.

Above this timer, there is also a line of creepy text: [‘Countdown to death.’]

Below these words ‘Countdown to Death’, the most primitive string of numbers is – 72:00:00

72 hours, equal to three days.

This string of numbers is decreasing every second. It seems that his life is also decreasing every second.

The scene at this time was very similar to the scene in a horror movie he had seen.

–Someone is going to take his life.

–Who is it?

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