When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1327

Chapter 1327

Cristian sat on the bed thinking about it for a while, completely clueless. He had been sent by his father to expand his business for two years. In the past two years, he has not communicated with people here.

It’s only been a few days since he came back, how could someone kill him?

Is it Elliot?

But Elliot has no real power yet.

Moreover, his father kept staring at him and observed his performance. If he made a half-point error, his father would never hand over the real power to him.

So he shouldn’t dare to do it himself at this crucial juncture.

But besides Elliot, who else is there?

When it’s time for the Jobin family to negotiate with the second and fourth masters, the second and fourth masters should not make any moves at this time.

Cristian patted his head, very distressed. He looked at the phone screen again, intending to turn off the death timer, but he found that the screen seemed to be locked, no matter how he pressed, the phone screen did not respond at all. He couldn’t turn off the countdown, couldn’t go back to the home screen, and couldn’t use any features on the phone.

He was immediately stunned.

–Is his cell phone infected with a virus?

-Is this countdown to death a joke made by a hacker? Or maybe he accidentally clicked on a malicious website while playing with his phone last night, so his phone got poisoned?

Thinking of this, he decided to ask a technician to check it out.


In the hotel.

The bodyguard made an appointment with Avery last night, and went to find Hayden nearby today.

After the bodyguard got up this morning, he first came to Avery’s door and rang the doorbell.

When the doorbell rang, there was no response. The bodyguard took out his mobile phone and dialed Avery. The phone was connected, but she didn’t answer.

Is she still sleeping?

The bodyguard waited for a while and decided to have breakfast first.

Arriving at the restaurant, the bodyguard’s cell phone rang.

He thought it was Avery calling, but it turned out to be Elliot’s call.

Elliot didn’t get through to Avery just now, so he called her bodyguard.

The bodyguard said, “I went to ring the doorbell just now, but there was no response. Why don’t I go to her room after breakfast? But I think she is probably resting, because she didn’t come back until two o’clock in the morning last night.”

Elliot: “Then don’t. I’m going to find her.”

The bodyguard said helplessly, “Oh, I also said that I would go with her to find Hayden nearby this morning. If I go alone, even if I find Hayden, it’s useless. He doesn’t listen to me. I can only wait. She wakes up and talks.”

Elliot: “Do you know where to find Hayden?”

The bodyguard: “I guess he’s near the hotel where we stayed. Because he didn’t carry his schoolbag when he came last night.”

“I’ll go with you now.” Elliot had another nightmare last night. He dreamed that Cristian killed Hayden. He must find Hayden tell Hayden not to mess with Cristian.

This is the Jobin family’s sphere of influence. Even if Kyrie appreciates him again, for Kyrie, he is definitely not comparable to Cristian.

After all, Cristian is the son of Kyrie.

If something happens to Hayden, he can only break the net with Kyrie. And to tear his face with Kyrie, he may not be able to guarantee Hayden’s safety.

So Elliot had to stop the tragedy from happening before things got too out of hand. He thought that Avery had already given him enough headaches, but who knew that Hayden would give him even more headaches.


At noon, after the network security technicians checked Cristian’s mobile phone, there was absolutely no way to crack the virus in Cristian’s mobile phone.

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