When His Eyes Opened, Chapter 1371

When His Eyes Opened, Chapter 1371

Avery didn’t give him time to react, and immediately asked: [What are you looking for from me? I am in ward v03. If you want to come to me, just come directly.]

Of course Avery guessed that Elliot said he had something to do with her, which was a pretense.

Estimated the time, Kyrie should have completed the examination by now and was sent to the inpatient department for treatment.

Kyrie’s black-faced subordinate doesn’t look easy to mess with, and although he is not Kyrie’s son. His level is definitely not low. Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to show his prestige directly in front of Elliot.

It took a while for Elliot to reply to her: [Because someone said you were hospitalized in neurosurgery, I want to know why you lied.]

Avery teased him deliberately: [If you don’t care about me, you won’t care why I lie.]

Elliot didn’t reply. Because Avery was so direct.

Elliot didn’t remember every bit of their past, he only knew their past from the mouths of others and her.

Even so, it still affected his judgment of her.

He can analyze anyone rationally and look at them objectively, but every time he faces her, his mind will become a mess and a mess.

Like a spell, he was destined to walk step by step towards the love trap she set.

Eleven at night.

Avery asked Xander and the bodyguard to go back to the hotel to rest.

“I haven’t had surgery yet. In fact, I can go back to the hotel to rest today.” Avery lay on the bed and smiled lazily.

Since Avery came back from seeing Elliot tonight, the corners of her mouth have always been smiling.

The bodyguard said to Xander, “Doctor Xander, go back to the hotel and I’ll just watch my boss here.”

Xander: “Okay, then I’ll go first.”

Avery said to the bodyguard, “You go with Xander. I’m safe here.”

“Who told you that it’s safe here?” After a pause, the bodyguard said, “You have an appointment with Elliot for a secret meeting tonight? If so, then I’ll go.”

Avery thought he was outrageous, and his words became more and more presumptuous.

“Then don’t leave, stay here and see if Elliot will come to me for a secret meeting in the middle of the night.”

“Okay! I didn’t intend to leave.” The bodyguard said, but went to Xander’s side, “But I Go back to the hotel to take a shower first.”

After speaking, he and Xander left together.

After the bodyguard left, Avery got out of bed immediately and went to the bathroom to wash.

When the two of them were here, she was too embarrassed to wash up.

Even if it was a VIP ward, after all, there was only so much space, and there was no privacy at all.

Upstairs, neurosurgery.

Lorenzo asked Elliot to go back, and Elliot asked him to leave.

“Rebecca will come over tomorrow morning. You can bring her with you. Then I will go back to rest.” Elliot said.

When Lorenzo heard the word ‘Rebecca’, he was immediately confused.

If Elliot hadn’t come to Yonroeville, Rebecca would have become Lorenzo’s wife after graduating from university.

This was also the reason why Lorenzo was unhappy with him.

Moreover, Kyrie also intended to let Lorenzo suppress him, so Lorenzo was not afraid of him at all.

After Lorenzo left, Elliot glanced at the time.

It’s almost 12 o’clock.

“You guys stay here, I’ll talk to the doctor.” After explaining to the bodyguards, he strode towards the doctor’s office.

The southernmost part of the vip ward, through a corridor, and walking forward, is the general ward and the doctor’s office.

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