When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1380

Chapter 1380

The bodyguard scratched his head, “I don’t understand either. Avery is doing an inspection today…”

Elliot: “Where’s Xander?”

“I don’t know. Maybe waiting for the result.” The bodyguard is just a brick, Xander Let him do what he does.

“Have you eaten yet?” Elliot asked.

The bodyguard shook his head: “I’m here to guard my boss.”

Elliot said, “Then go to dinner. I’ll watch her here.”

The bodyguard, “Oh! Have you eaten? Do you want to bring it for you?”

Elliot said, “I’ve eaten. You bring her.”

“Okay.” After the bodyguard finished speaking, Elliot strode out of the ward. He sat down in the chair beside the hospital bed. Looking at Avery’s sleeping pale face, Elliot always felt as if she was no longer alive.

His big palm couldn’t help holding her hand. Her hand was slightly cold, but her fingers moved slightly as Elliot held hers.

Avery is still alive, after confirming this, Elliot felt a lot more relieved. He retracted his hand and glanced at the bedside table.

There ware some fruits on the cabinet as well as her bag.

For some reason, when Elliot saw her bag, his heart tightened suddenly, like seeing an old friend he hadn’t seen in a long time.

He couldn’t help but take her bag and open it.

There were tissues inside, a small bottle of disinfectant alcohol, and a pack of cotton swabs…Avery was so different from other women that there was no makeup in the bag. As Elliot was about to close her bag, he suddenly caught a glimpse of something in the middle of the bag.

He opened the interlayer and took out a piece of paper.

He unfolded the paper and saw his handwriting is on it.

His various account numbers and passwords were written on it.

He looked at the note, his Adam’s apple rolled up and down.

This is what he wrote to her.

If he hadn’t loved her deeply and trusted her, he wouldn’t have told her all of his privacy.

Elliot suddenly thought that Avery had written her various account passwords to him on a notepad a while ago. It turned out that he had told Avery his account passwords too.

Just when Elliot was in a trance, the phone Avery put on the pillow rang.

Elliot immediately put the note in his hand back on the bag’s interlayer and put the bag back on the cabinet. When he hesitated to answer the phone for Avery, Avery suddenly opened her eyes and woke up.

When Avery saw Elliot sitting beside the bed, surprise flashed in her apricot eyes.

“Why are you here?” Avery woke up from the anesthesia, unable to tell the time and place of day and night for a while.

“Your bodyguard went to dinner.” Elliot pointed to her phone, “Your phone is ringing.”

Avery picked up the phone, and took the videocall.

A delicate girl’s voice came: “Mom! Why are you sick again? Are you in pain?”

Layla heard about her mother’s illness, and her distressed mother overcame her angry mother’s feelings of not going home.

“Mom will be cured by surgery.” Avery raised the corner of her mouth and changed the subject, “Are you going to start school? Have you had a good time this summer? Have you finished your summer homework?”

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