When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1381

Chapter 1381

Layla sighed: “Mom, don’t mention my summer homework. I’ve already finished it but I don’t know if it’s correct or not. No one will check my homework when you’re not at home.”

“Didn’t Mom find a tutor for you? Mom called her later and asked her to check your homework for you.”

“Oh…” Layla has been playing for two months, and her heart is wild and she doesn’t want to bring up homework.

Looking at her daughter’s little face, Avery said, “Layla, do you want to see your father?”
Out of the corner of her eyes, she caught Elliot staring at her.

Elliot also have wanted to see Layla.

Layla heard the word ‘Daddy’ like a frightened kitten at first, then quickly frowned: “I don’t want to see him. He’s a b-a-d. Mom, you wouldn’t leave if it wasn’t for him. I won’t be so happy.”

Avery didn’t know how to answer.

“Mom, why did you ask me if I wanted to see Dad? Is Dad next to you?” Layla suddenly asked after scolding Elliot.

“Yeah! He’s right across from me.” Avery said, turning the camera to Elliot.

The expression on Elliot’s face suddenly stiffened, and his body tensed.

On the other side of the videocall, Layla was also stunned, as if the pause button had been pressed.

Avery walked over to Elliot and looked at her daughter together and asked, “Why don’t you two talk? Layla, your father actually misses you. He will go home.”

Elliot calmed down and apologized in a hoarse voice: “Layla, Dad is sorry for you. Dad doesn’t ask for your forgiveness, but don’t be angry otherwise Dad will feel bad.”

“Humph!” She ran to find Mrs. Cooper and asked, “Grandma Cooper, my mother is with my father. Is Robert awake?”

Robert was sleeping, but when Layla shouted, Robert suddenly opened her jet-black eyes.Mrs. Cooper took the phone from Layla, and when she saw Elliot, she burst into tears: “Sir, I knew that Avery would definitely find you. Everything is fine at home. Layla is fine. Robert is fine too. Hayden and Gwen went to Bridgedale together… Look at Robert, he’s a little fatter.”

Mrs. Cooper hugged Robert and said to Robert, “Robert, look at Daddy. Hurry up and call Daddy.”

Robert just woke up with an aggrieved look on his face, his mouth deflated, it’s fine if he doesn’t cry, don’t expect him to call Dad.

Avery looked at her son’s aggrieved face, and smiled and coaxed: “Baby, don’t cry. Mommy went back to buy you a gift.”

“Mom. I want a gift too. You can’t just buy it for your brother and not me. ” Layla squeezed into the camera, exasperated.

“Sister…Sister hug!” Robert grabbed Layla’s arm and wanted to hug.

“Stinky brother! You are so fat now, your sister can’t hold you anymore.” Layla disliked him but still hugged her brother.

Robert is almost one year old. He has a good appetite now, not only eating milk, but also eating complementary food and snacks.

When Avery was at home, he would control his children’s diet a little.

Now that she is not at home, what Robert wants to eat, Mrs. Cooper will usually give it. So the little guy instantly gained a size.

Elliot’s heart melted when he looked at the warm picture of the two siblings.

The door of the ward was pushed open, and Xander came back with her checklist.

“Show me the checklist.” Avery walked away from Elliot, came to Xander, and took the checklist.

“Do you have a videocall with your child?” Xander heard the child’s voice.

“Well. My daughter called.” Avery said with a gentle smile.

Xander was curious and wanted to go see her child.

As a result, before he could reach Elliot, Elliot was already walking towards the balcony with his mobile phone. After he went to the balcony, he closed the door between the ward and the balcony.

Xander shook his head helplessly and returned to Avery: “Why is Elliot here? He is so blatantly with you that he is not afraid of what Kyrie would say?”

“Isn’t Kyrie in hospital?” Avery explained, “It is because Kyrie is in the hospital, that’s why he is so blatant.”

Xander said, “Haha! I didn’t expect Kyrie to fall, but he made it work for you. He still concealed his feelings for you before, but now he is concealing it. There’s no hiding it.”

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