When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384

Avery changed her hospital clothes, put on a mask, followed behind Elliot, and left the hospital in a low-key manner. Coming out of the hospital, Avery immediately took his arm.

Avery: “Let’s find a hotel nearby. If Xander and my bodyguards know that I’m staying at a hotel with you tonight, they will definitely laugh at me.”

Elliot: “It’s because it’s more convenient to take a bath.”

Avery: “Oh, it’s really convenient to take a bath in a hotel.”

“You’re a patient now, so I’m not that rude.” Elliot defended himself.

Avery couldn’t help laughing: “What are you explaining to me. Are you a beast? I have the answer in my heart.”

“What answer?” Elliot looked at her blushing face.

“Sometimes a beast, sometimes a gentleman.” Avery gave the answer and asked him at the same time, “Elliot, what is your impression of me?”

Elliot replied without hesitation, “It’s the same as your evaluation of me. You seduced me first. “

Avery clenched her palm tightly, “Oh! I don’t believe Rebecca didn’t seduce you. Are you h****d?”

Elliot: “Didn’t I already h**k you?”

“You can too in two boats.” Avery fanned her eyelashes.

“Really?” Elliot looked at her innocently.

Avery was irritated by his airy rhetorical question. She pinched him at the waist.

Elliot immediately clenched her hand and gestured forward with his eyes: “Just go to the hotel in front.”Behind them, Lorenzo’s black eyes stared at them until they entered the hotel.

Lorenzo got a call from Rebecca, so he came out of Kyrie’s ward. Unexpectedly, when they got out of the elevator, they saw Elliot and Avery coming out of another elevator.

They only saw each other in their eyes and didn’t notice him at all.

Rebecca can endure Elliot’s private relationship with Avery to revive but Lorenzo can’t bear it.

Elliot’s behavior simply ignored the Jobin family.

Moreover, Rebecca said that she didn’t care, how could she not care in her heart?

It’s just that the adoptive father relies too much on Elliot, so Lorenzo can’t do anything to Elliot.

After Lorenzo smoked a cigarette on the side of the road, he took someone into the car.

The next day, 7:00 in the morning.

The warm sunlight came in from the window.

Avery woke up and saw Elliot lying beside him, as if he was dreaming.

As if the two of them never misunderstood and quarreled, he didn’t leave the country, and she didn’t get sick.

They slept in the same bed every day and woke up to his familiar face every morning.

His eyes suddenly opened and he saw Avery staring at him.

“What are you looking at?” After Elliot opened her mouth, Avery kissed him on the cheek: “You sleep a little longer, and I’ll go to the hospital by myself.”

Elliot: “I’ll take you there.”

“No need. You’ve been busy these days. I haven’t rested well. After my surgery, you can see me again.” Avery said and sat up.

“I’ll see you at night.” Elliot looked at her back and said.

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