When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1385

Chapter 1385

“You call my bodyguard or Xander first, and come back when I wake up.” Avery said, “There should be no problem with this operation, you don’t have to worry.”

Elliot: “I won’t worry as long as you leave here safely.”

I’m sure I can get out of here safely. You’ll get out of here safely, too.” Avery put on her clothes and picked up her phone, “I’ll go first.”

“Well. Be careful on the road. Call me if you have anything.


Avery came out of the hotel and strode towards the hospital. In less than 10 minutes, she returned to the ward.

Fortunately, Xander and the bodyguard hadn’t come yet.

Avery went to the bathroom to wash up, then walked to the bedside, picked up her phone, and turned it on. She saw that Xander sent her a message at 4:00 in the morning: [I can’t operate on you. My girlfriend forced me to go back home. So I go first. Sorry.]

This message made Avery stunned.

She knew that Xander had a girlfriend, and she heard him talk about it when they ate together before.

After a while, the bodyguard carried the breakfast, pushed open the door of the ward and walked in.

Avery immediately put down the phone, but the expression on her face did not adjust for a while.

The bodyguard put the breakfast on the table and asked, “Boss, what’s the matter with you? I went to call Xander in the morning. There is a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign hanging on the door of his room. It’s strange.”

Avery explained, “Xander is left. He sent me a message at 4:00 in the morning, saying that he couldn’t operate on me.”

“Ah?! What’s going on? You two quarreled?” The bodyguard was taken aback.

It was agreed that the operation was done today, but the chief surgeon left. How to do this operation?

“He said his girlfriend forced him to go back, so he left first.” Avery said calmly, “It’s okay, I can find another doctor to operate on me. This operation is not that difficult.”

“Xander is too unkind. Even if his girlfriend forces him to go back, he can go back after the operation on you today. He can’t wait for a day? Don’t you think it’s a little strange? He will be fine if you go back to the hotel with him in the evening.” The bodyguard felt very strange.

Avery looked at the bodyguard: “Maybe his girlfriend had a big fight with him.”

The bodyguard sneered, “Even if there was a big fight, he wouldn’t leave you here, right? Either he doesn’t promise to operate on you and he said several times that we can leave here after your operation.”

“He must be involuntarily. Don’t blame him. Wait for my operation. I’ll call him later and ask.” Avery’s mood has calmed down. She took her breakfast out of the bag and took a small bite.

“Boss, he said last night that your condition has deteriorated. Could it be that he couldn’t handle your operation, so he escaped.” The bodyguard opened his mind.

“Impossible. Even if my condition deteriorates, the operation is at most complicated. With his ability, he can completely perform this operation for me. It’s definitely not the reason you guessed.” Avery still knows Xander’s ability very well otherwise she would not have called him to help him operate.

It’s just that Xander left before the operation, which is a bit strange indeed. In fact, he could leave at any time, but he chose to leave the night before the operation, which caught Avery by surprise.

“Then he’s too hateful. Boss, break up with him.” The bodyguard complained, “Let’s go to another doctor after breakfast.”


After breakfast, Avery and the bodyguard Go to a Doctor.

The doctor was very surprised when he heard that Xander had left.

“I thought you had a good relationship. I saw that he was very responsible for your illness before…”

The bodyguard said angrily, “We were also very angry. He didn’t say bye, he just left. What a b*stard! Let’s see if you can perform this operation on my boss.”

The doctor said embarrassedly, “Of course it can be done, but I can’t guarantee that the operation will be successful. After all, I have no medical skills. Xander is amazing. If you can’t trust me, you can find experts from other countries.”

Avery pondered for a moment and said, “Please help me with the operation. It’s already so late.”

Her condition deteriorated faster, and she couldn’t drag it on any longer.



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