When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1387

Chapter 1387

The nanny held a bowl of chicken soup and brought it to Rebecca: “Miss, did you see that Elliot’s heart is not at home at all. If Avery was not here, he would definitely not be like this.”

After taking a sip of the chicken soup, Rebecca said, “I’ll go and talk to my father about this later. However, Avery has an operation today, and it is estimated that she will have to stay in the hospital for a few days before leaving here. Her heart will naturally go home.”

“Well. This is the Jobin family’s territory. No matter how powerful Elliot was in the past, no matter how good Avery is, no matter how good his arm is, Elliot must be your husband honestly, and Avery must also be an honest husband. Get out of here.”

The nanny’s words made Rebecca smile.

After drinking the soup, Rebecca went to Kyrie’s house, accompanied by the nanny.

“Dad, how do you feel?” Rebecca asked, holding Kyrie’s hand.

Kyrie looked at his daughter and asked, “What did you do yesterday?”

Rebecca said, “I now have Elliot’s child in my belly. Dad, please let Avery leave here. Wait for Avery to leave. Now, I will definitely let Elliot stay here with peace of mind.”

“What happened to the child?” Kyrie was very surprised.

After Rebecca explained the matter, Kyrie frowned, not very satisfied.

“Dad, don’t be angry yet. This child’s role is to keep Elliot here. When he stays, are you still afraid that he won’t have children with me in the future?”

Rebecca’s words made Kyrie’s brows stretch: “Well. Rebecca, you not only want Elliot to stay here, but also like Avery, hold his heart firmly. Elliot can give up everything for Avery, and you also want him to give everything for you.”

Rebecca nodded: “Dad, I will work hard.”


In the hospital.

After all the preoperative preparations were done, Avery was sent to the operating room.

The bodyguard stood outside the operating room door, waiting anxiously.

After a while, Avery’s cell phone rang, and it was Mike.

The bodyguard answered the phone: “My boss has just entered the operating room. It will take at least an hour to come out.”

Mike: “When Avery comes out, you will call me back as soon as possible.”

Bodyguard: “Let’s talk about it when she wakes up. I still don’t know how this doctor’s medical skills are… My boss was put out by her classmates. I still can’t figure it out, obviously he was fine yesterday, so if he doesn’t want to do it, he won’t do it.”

“Then What’s the name of the person?”

“His name is Xander. I had a good impression of him, but who knew he was such a person. Next time I want to see him, I have to scold him to death.”

“I’ll check this person out.” Mike finished and hung up the phone.

The bodyguards were restlessly walking around outside the operating room.

At 3 p.m., the lights in the operating room went out, and after a while, the door of the operating room opened, and Avery was pushed out.

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