When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1388

Chapter 1388

After Avery was transferred to the ward, not long after, Elliot came.

“Doctor, when will my boss wake up?” the bodyguard asked the chief surgeon.

Doctor: “She should be able to wake up when the anesthesia is over.”

Bodyguard: “How long will it take for the anesthesia to pass?”

Doctor: “It may be soon, it may be at night.”

At 7 p.m., Avery woke up slowly. After she woke up, Elliot called the doctor immediately.

The bodyguard called Mike from outside the ward.

After Mike answered the phone, he said, “I checked Xander, but I didn’t find out that he bought a ticket from Yonroeville to Bridgedale. He should still be in Yonroeville.”

Bodyguard: “How is that possible? Another doctor performed surgery on my boss today. If Xander was still here, why didn’t he perform surgery on my boss?”

Mike: “The information I found can’t be wrong. He really didn’t leave by plane.”

The bodyguard said, “D*mn it. But we really can’t contact him.”

“How is Avery now?” Mike didn’t so concern about Xander, he cared more about Avery, “Can she speak now? I want to hear her voice.”

The bodyguard walked into the ward with his mobile phone.

The doctor was checking Avery’s temperature and blood pressure. Although her eyes were open and were a little dull.

“I’m afraid she can’t talk to you now. When she’s better, I’ll ask her to call you back.” After the bodyguard finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

After a while, Wesley’s phone call came.

The bodyguard stood outside the door of the ward and answered the phone: “My boss is already awake, but she can’t talk to you on the phone now. I don’t think she’s very awake.”

Wesley: “Well, it’s like this after the surgery. She will be tomorrow. It should be much better.”

“Wesley, you and Xander should also know each other, right? Didn’t Xander send a message to my boss to go back to Bridgedale? But Mike said he didn’t go back to Bridgedale. What do you think he is? What do you mean?” The bodyguard asked the question.

Wesley: “I called him just now, and his cell phone has been turned off.”

The bodyguard: “Then do you know his address?”

Wesley said, “I don’t know. Xander should be trustworthy. Otherwise, Avery will not be able to. Call him over.”

“Then why did he send such a message to my boss? And if he doesn’t go back to Bridgedale now, where is he?” The bodyguard especially wanted to figure out this question.

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