When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1389

Chapter 1389

“Are you going to the hotel where he stayed?”

“I went to see it in the morning, and there was a ‘do not disturb’ sign on it.” The bodyguard said and paused, “I’ll wait to go down to the hotel to see. A staff said he didn’t leave here. If he didn’t, then he could only be in the hotel…”

The bodyguard said, trembling in his heart and a cold sweat on his back.

After talking on the phone, the bodyguard returned to the ward.

The doctor checked Avery just now, and she was normal.

The doctor had already left, and Elliot was with her by the hospital bed.

The bodyguard put Avery’s mobile phone on the table.

“Boss, rest well and don’t think about anything. I’ll go buy dinner now.” The bodyguard said, and asked Elliot, “Would you like to bring it for you?”

“No, I’m not hungry yet.” Elliot said.

“Oh, then I’ll go first.” After the bodyguard finished, he left the ward.

After the bodyguard left, Elliot looked at Avery.

Elliot held her infusion hand and said, “I know you have a headache right now, so don’t think about anything. Kyrie has promised to let you leave here. When you feel better, you can leave.”

“Well. I miss home so much…” Avery said, a sharp pain in her head suddenly came.

“Don’t talk yet.” Elliot looked at her pained appearance, his heart clenched tightly, “I will be here with you tonight. Before you leave here, I will be with you.”

Avery stretched her thin eyebrows and gently responded.

In the hotel.

When the bodyguard came to the room where Xander stayed before, there was still a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign hanging on the door.

The bodyguard pressed the doorbell, waited a moment, and got no response.

A strange feeling rose up.

If there are people in the room, after the doorbell rings, the people inside should come to open the door to see.

The bodyguard goes to the hotel manager and said, “My friend lives in this room. I can’t contact him now, so you help me open the door to see. I just went to the front desk to ask about my friend if he had checked out, but the lady at the front desk refused to tell me. If something happens to my friend, your hotel will not be able to shirk its responsibility.”

The hotel manager took the card and swiped the door open.

The bodyguard pushed open the door, and the sight inside made his hair stand up.

In the hospital ward, Elliot’s cell phone rang. Seeing that it was Avery’s bodyguard calling, he immediately answered the phone.

“Mr. Foster, The is the bad news. Xander is dead. He died in the hotel room.” The bodyguard was chilling and didn’t know what to do with Xander’s body.

Hearing this, Elliot walked out of the ward immediately.

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