When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1390

Chapter 1390

Avery don’t know how long it took, she woke up from a sleep, and saw the ward was empty, Elliot was not there, nor was the bodyguard.

–Didn’t Elliot say that he would accompany her here?

Avery took the phone and checked the time. It’s already 11:00 p.m. She felt nothing but pain at the moment.

She found Elliot’s number and dialed—

On the other side of the phone, Elliot’s voice came, “Avery, are you awake? I’ll go over to accompany you right away.”

Her lips moved, and her voice was very soft: “If it’s inconvenient to come here, you can come here…”

“I’m in the hospital, I’ll go there right away.” After Elliot finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Xander’s body has been sent to the hospital. Now Elliot and the bodyguard need to find out why Xander died suddenly.

Moreover, before Xander died, why did he send such a message to Avery? Since he was going to leave, why didn’t he make it? He felt that his death was not an accident, but…murder.

Elliot returned to the ward with the bodyguard.

Seeing the two of them, Avery asked aloud, “Did you go to smoke?”



The two of them spoke together, but the answers were different.

The calmness on Avery’s face was replaced by curiosity: “What are you doing?”

The bodyguard kept his mouth shut and let Elliot speak.

“The bodyguard smoked and I had a late-night snack.” Elliot finished his words concisely, walked to the bed and sat down, “Are you feeling better now?”

“Hmm. Why did Kyrie suddenly agree to let me go?” Avery asked.

“Rebecca went to him.” Elliot said truthfully.

Avery said weakly, “I understand. Rebecca doesn’t want me to stay here at all. If I leave, you will be hers.”

Elliot said, looking at the bodyguard, “Don’t think about it. You go back to rest first.”

“Oh… Boss, then I’ll go first. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” After the bodyguard finished talking to Avery, he strode out.

The two of them planned to tell her Xander’s death when Avery was discharged from the hospital.

Avery just had brain surgery and couldn’t be stimulated now.

The next day.

After the nurse gave Avery’s medicine today, Elliot went back to rest.

Avery felt better today than yesterday. The pain was lessened and the spirit was slightly better.

The bodyguard thought Avery couldn’t eat today, so he didn’t buy her breakfast.

Avery especially wanted clear porridge, so she asked the bodyguard to buy it.

After the bodyguard went out, her cell phone rang.

It is a strange call, and the attribution shows Bridgedale.

She picked up the phone, and a female voice came: “Avery, I’m Xander’s girlfriend. Where are you now?”

Avery was stunned: “Isn’t Xander returning to Aryadelle?”

“Why didn’t I know he was returning to Aryadelle?” Now tell me where you are now?” The woman over the phone gradually lost control of her emotions.

Avery frowned, feeling that something was wrong. After she reported her ward number, the call was interrupted.

–Xander did not return to Bridgedale, where did Xander go?

–Could it be that something happened to Xander?

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