When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1391

Chapter 1391

Within half an hour, Xander’s girlfriend came to the hospital. When she saw Avery, she was stunned for a moment.

“Did Xander do your surgery for you? What about others?”

The bodyguard immediately pulled her and wanted to take her out. But she pushed the bodyguard away suddenly, insisting to confront Avery.

“He sent me a message at 4:00 a.m. yesterday, saying that there is no way to operate on me.” Avery was afraid that she would not believe her, so she turned on her phone and showed her the text message.

She took Avery’s mobile phone, and after reading the text message, her scalp became numb: “What nonsense! He didn’t contact me at all, and he didn’t tell me that he was going back to Aryadelle.”

“You mean he didn’t return to Aryadelle to find you? ” Avery looked at her inexplicably.

“If he returns to Aryadelle to look for me, why should I come here to ask you for someone? I haven’t seen him for half a month.” She returned Avery’s phone, “I need an explanation.”

Avery’s brain was about to explode.

The bodyguard immediately reassured Avery, “Boss, stay still on the hospital bed, I’ll explain to her!”

Having said that, the bodyguard took Xander’s girlfriend’s arm and wanted to take her out again.

“What do you want to explain? You explain it here!”

Avery echoed: “What do you want to explain? Do you know where Xander is?”

The bodyguard stammered: “I know…know.”

“Where is he? Say it.” Avery was about to get up from the hospital bed in excitement.

The bodyguard immediately held her down: “Xander was killed…Boss, don’t go crazy. I have already told Elliot about this, and Elliot said he would find out the truth. I found out last night that he was dead in the hotel room…”

All of a sudden, a burst of crying came.

When Xander’s girlfriend heard the news of Xander’s death, she suddenly collapsed.

After the bodyguard pressed Avery, he immediately went to appease her: “don’t cry… or come out of the ward and cry. My boss just finished the operation, and the doctor said she needs to rest.”

Xander’s girlfriend pulled him out.

On the hospital bed, Avery’s tears welled up.

–The murder of Xander must have been done by someone from the Jobin family.

–Except for the Jobin family, no one else will hurt him at all.

–The Jobin family definitely didn’t want him to operate on her, so they killed him.

–Did they think that her illness could not be cured?

–Why not come directly at her? Xander is just an ordinary doctor, why do they want to kill him?

Avery had a headache, and even her heart was in severe pain. She seemed to be strangled, unable to breathe.

When Elliot returned home, the nanny immediately went upstairs and called Rebecca down.

Rebecca went downstairs and saw him with a tender and sweet smile.

“Elliot, is Avery okay?”

Rebecca knew that he didn’t go home last night and was accompanying Avery in the hospital. She felt uncomfortable, but she felt better when she thought that Avery was about to leave here.

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