When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1393

Chapter 1393

Avery knew that Elliot said this to calm her down, but she couldn’t calm down. She was heartbroken. The more uncomfortable, the more painful the wound on the head.

“Avery, don’t think about this anymore.” Elliot held her hand tightly and said word by word, “Even if the sky is about to fall, don’t worry about it. We’ll talk about everything when you are discharged from the hospital!”

She tried and took a deep breath and was trying to calm her trembling body.

After a few minutes, her mood finally calmed down.

Elliot voice came in a low voice, “Avery, close your eyes. You can recover quickly only if you have a good rest.”

Avery closed her eyes disobediently, she didn’t want to.

As long as she closes her eyes, Xander’s face appeared in her mind.

When she saw the message sent by Xander, she had no doubts.

It’s just that she never expected Kyrie to be so cruel. She couldn’t let herself act as if nothing had happened. Even if she temporarily suppressed her anger, she had to stay awake.

“Go out. I want to be alone.” Avery pulled her hand out of his big palm, “I will take care of my illness, I won’t get out of bed. I want to be alone.”

“Okay.” Elliot got up and looked at her pale and cold face, “I’m outside, you have something to call me.”

“No need.” Avery refused, word by word, “Go back and rest. There are bodyguards watching me, I don’t Something will happen. I can get out of bed tomorrow.”

“Why don’t you let me accompany you?” Elliot had to suspect that she had transferred her hatred of Kyrie to him.

“I want to stay by myself. I don’t want to hear any advice. I don’t want to hear anything. I just want to get well in peace.” Avery’s eyes were red and tears were about to roll out at any moment, she choked, “I beg you, go Bar.”

Elliot strode out of the ward.

When the bodyguard saw him come out, he immediately asked, “Mr. Foster, why did you come out? How is my boss?”

Elliot: “She didn’t want to be disturbed.”

“But she is a patient now and needs someone to escort her.” The bodyguard scratched his head and said, “How about I go in?”

“Avery’s crying now. You can go in later.” Elliot’s eyes darkened and he confessed, “After you go in, don’t persuade her. She doesn’t want to be persuaded.”

“Oh… Is she treating you? Are you angry?” The bodyguard saw that Elliot’s face was not very good, so he comforted, “Xander was called by my boss. Now that Xander is dead here, she must think that Xander was killed by her. I think so too. So no matter what she said to you, don’t take it seriously.”

“I know.” Elliot wasn’t angry with her, but he panicked, “I’ll go first, I have something to do. I’ll make a call.”

Xander died of a highly poisonous poison which can cause people to die quickly if ingested in a very small amount.

This drug is a forbidden drug, and ordinary people can’t get it at all.

Therefore, when Xander died, he did not suffer too much pain and torture.

It’s just that a living person just passed away. It will be a painful blow for his family and friends.

Elliot came out of the hospital and asked the bodyguard to drive the car to Kyrie’s villa.

Kyrie is recovering well.

When Elliot saw him, he felt better than yesterday.

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