When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1397

Chapter 1397

“I will send someone to take her back to Aryadelle. When she returns to Aryadelle, someone will naturally take her to the hospital for examination.” Elliot explained to the doctor.

The doctor heard the words and immediately gave her a discharge order.

Avery felt that her life was being interfered with, and she frowned.

She took Elliot’s arm and walked outside. The two came out of the office and walked towards the safe passage next to them.

“Elliot, I’m not going back to Aryadelle now.”

“I’ve already booked a ticket for you, you can leave today.” Elliot didn’t seem to hear her words.

Avery: “I won’t go.”

“You have to go.” Elliot’s tone was not severe. She is still a patient, and he will not have a fierce dispute with her. “When you go, I will help you to avenge.”

The words were choked in her throat, and she wanted to say it, but she felt very irrational. She wanted to say, she wanted to kill Kyrie with her own hands to avenge Xander.

But she is still sick, how can she kill Kyrie?

Don’t kill Kyrie by then, but instead fall into Kyrie’s hands, making it difficult for Elliot.

“Where did you buy the plane ticket for me?” Avery asked after a moment of silence.

“I haven’t bought it yet. You said before that you were going to Bridgedale, so I don’t know whether to buy it for you to go to Aryadelle or to go to Bridgedale.” Elliot said.

Avery said hoarsely, “I’m going to Bridgedale. I’m going to meet Xander’s parents and apologize to them.”

Elliot Said, “I’ll go when you’re well. What should you do if they blame you? When the matter on my side is resolved, then I will go with you.”Avery didn’t answer.

After a while, the doctor issued a discharge order, brought it over, and gave it to them.

Elliot took the discharge order and took her to the ward.

She had already packed her things in advance, and the bodyguard was carrying her luggage, ready to leave at any time.

“Let’s go!” Elliot said.

Bodyguard: “Go back to the hotel or…”

“Go to the airport.” Elliot held Avery’s hand and would not give her any other choice at all.

The bodyguards followed behind them with their luggage.

The bodyguard breathed a sigh of relief. Without Elliot, Avery would definitely find a way to find Kyrie.

Avery didn’t want to die, but the bodyguard was still quite afraid of death.

The plane took off from Yonroeville and arrived at Bridgedale after several hours of flight.

Wesley was picked up at the airport.

After receiving Avery, Wesley immediately took her to the hospital.

Avery: “???”

Wesley explained, “You have only been hospitalized for a week, which is not enough. You are honestly in the hospital, don’t think about anything.”

Avery: “Brother Wesley, you can let me in anyway. Go and see Shea and Adrian.”

Wesley said calmly, “You stay in the hospital first, and I will bring Adrian to see you. Xander’s death has nothing to do with you. Although we have to believe science, but I think everyone has their own fate.”

Avery sat down in the ward: “Brother Wesley, don’t you think these words are very fateful?”

Wesley looked at her, “If we can’t change things, we have to accept fate. To change what can be changed, to accept what cannot be changed. This is what Professor James Hough told me.”

Avery listened and was very enlightened.

“You take a break first to avoid jet lag. Go for a checkup later, and then I’ll find a doctor to prescribe medicine for you.” Wesley glanced at her and asked, “Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something first?”

“A little hungry.” Avery said.

After seeing Wesley, the feeling of grief eased a lot.

“I’ll buy it for you.” After that, Wesley was ready to go out.

“Brother Wesley, don’t you ask me what I want to eat?”

Wesley stopped and looked back at her: “Aren’t you picky eaters?”

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