When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1399

Chapter 1399

Avery felt strange. She asked Xander at the time, and Xander’s answer was that the dose of anesthesia he gave her was less than the dose of general anesthesia.

Avery trusted Xander so much that she didn’t take a close look at the dose he was giving.

Xander said that he was doing a second angiography, and she also found it strange, but she didn’t ask him to see the results of the second angiography.

Now that Wesley raised a question, Avery couldn’t answer it at all.

“What the h-e-l-l was Xander doing? With his professionalism, he shouldn’t mess around.” Wesley asked in confusion.

It’s a pity that Xander is dead now, so there’s no way to find out about him.

“Brother Wesley, don’t you know conspiracy theories?” When Avery said this, he felt his body carefully to see if there was any discomfort.

Her biggest discomfort now is the head wound.

Before the operation, she did not feel any discomfort in her body. She didn’t think Xander would deliberately give herself general anesthesia and then take the opportunity to do bad things to herself.

It’s just that Xander gave her general anesthesia the day before the operation, which was really confusing.

“Brother Wesley, it’s impossible for us to know the reason for what he did. And I don’t feel any discomfort in my body. There should be nothing wrong.” Avery said.

Wesley was worried, “Do a full body examination. If you’re free, go to the examination now.”

Avery glanced at Hayden, Gwen and Adrian.

Wesley continued, “You don’t need to worry about them. You take care of your own body first. You go to check, and the bodyguard will send them back.”

“Brother Wesley, you are so strict with me now.” Avery said angrily.

Wesley explained to Avery. “Elliot called me. He said that you are very self-willed now. When you found out that you were sick, you delayed the operation. After the operation, you refused to be hospitalized to recuperate.”

“Why does he speak ill of me behind my back?” Avery frowned, slightly angry, “If he doesn’t go to Yonroeville, can I do this? Why doesn’t he think about it?”

“I don’t care about him, I don’t care. I only know that you are going to be discharged from the hospital a week after the operation, which is ridiculous. If your teacher is still alive, he will definitely scold you.” Wesley moved out of Professor James Hough, and Avery became quiet.

After Avery and Wesley left, Hayden took Gwen and Adrian out of the hospital.

“Are you hungry? I’m a little hungry.” Gwen said.

Hayden: “Then let’s go eat. I’ll pack a copy for my mother to bring over later.”

“Okay!” Gwen looked at Adrian and said, “Fool, are you hungry too?”

“I’m not a fool.” Adrian frowned to correct her.

“I’ve been calling you for more than ten years. If I don’t call you an idiot, what will I call you?” Gwen bickered with him.

Adrian thought for a while, “Don’t know. You can call me using anyname except idiot.”

Gwen laughed and joked, “Tsk tsk, look serious. When I become popular in the future, I will introduce you to a girlfriend. Anyway, Your face is still handsome. There must be women who are willing to support you.”

Adrian’s face turned red with a swish: “I don’t want a girlfriend, my sister and I…”

“Your sister will definitely marry Wesley in the future. When she marries Wesley, how lonely you will be.” Gwen continued to tease him, “Hey, speaking of which, you are now the boss of the Sterling Group.”

Adrian corrected her, “I’m not. Elliot is the one.”

Gwen: “You have self-knowledge. Even if my brother’s property is given to you, you can’t keep it. It will be snatched away in two strokes.”

While chatting, they walked to a nearby restaurant and sat down.

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