When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1401

Chapter 1401

“I see.” Ben Schaffer was rarely ordered like this, even if Elliot asked him to do something, he had never had such an arrogant attitude.

He was not angry, after all, he owed Gwen.

“That…you pull me out of the blacklist.” Ben Schaffer continued, “I’ll talk to Mike later, and if I have any feedback, I can tell you directly. After all, Adrian is not that smart.”

Wait until I finish eating to see how I feel.” Gwen hung up the phone after finishing speaking.

After returning the phone to Adrian, Gwen breathed a sigh of relief.

Hayden said casually: “Actually, if my mother’s company goes bankrupt, it doesn’t matter. This way, my mother won’t be so tired.”

Hayden knew the problems encountered by Tate Industries but Hayden was not in a hurry.

He felt that after the company went bankrupt, his mother could rest at home.

In the future, he can make money for his mother without having to work so hard.

Gwen frowned, “But you and your sister are still in school. You have a younger brother to support. I know you will make money but you are still a child after all. In case you can’t make money someday What?”

“I haven’t thought about this.” Hayden never doubted his own abilities.

Gwen blinked: “Then you can think about it now. Of course, it’s fine if you don’t want to. You still have your father. He will definitely support you.”

Hayden was very speechless.

Gwen assured, “Hayden, don’t worry. I will definitely work hard to improve myself. When I can make money in the future, I will definitely take care of you. Although you don’t want to call me aunt, you and your mother treat me well. Okay, I keep it all in my heart.”

Hayden was even more speechless.

In front of him, it is better to mock him for not being able to support his family.

At the hospital.

Avery returned to the ward after a series of examinations. When she saw the dinner Hayden bought, she was very moved.

“Hayden has a class tomorrow, so I’ll go back first.” The bodyguard explained to Avery.

Avery: “Well.”

“Boss, are your physical examination results okay?” The bodyguard asked.

“It shouldn’t be a problem. Some test results haven’t come out yet.” Avery felt much better than when he was in Yonroeville.

Presumably because of seeing close friends and relatives, she was psychologically comforted.

“I think you’re in good spirits.” The bodyguard said.

Avery: “This is my second hometown. People will be more relaxed in a familiar environment.”

“Well. Your phone rang just now, and it seems to be your best friend.” The bodyguard reminded.

Avery picked up the phone, saw Tammy’s missed call, and went back immediately.

Avery answered her phone in seconds, “Avery! I heard you went to Bridgedale. Wait for me, I’ll fly over to see you right away.” Tammy said.

“No, I’ll go back to Aryadelle when I’m discharged from the hospital. Let’s meet again.” Avery didn’t want to trouble Tammy to run around.

During her time in Yonroeville, Tammy often sent her messages to persuade her to return to Aryadelle.

“Okay, Avery, you must take care of yourself. I went to see Robert today. Robert is really cute. I really want to take him home and play.”

Avery said sadly, “I miss him so much. He’s almost his first birthday. I hope Elliot can go back to Aryadelle before his birthday.”

“What’s going on with Elliot now? Is he in danger?” Tammy asked.

“Even if he’s in danger, he won’t tell me. He can only come back if Kyrie is dead.” Avery’s mood suddenly fell. After she calmed down, she didn’t even feel that she had to seek revenge from Kyrie.

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