When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1404

Chapter 1404

“Hahaha!” Avery looked at him embarrassed and continued to tease him, “Brother Wesley, how do you feel about Shea?”

“Do you have to ask such a question?” Wesley stopped, and said seriously, “Avery, do you think it’s possible for me and her?”

Avery’s smile disappeared: “Why is it impossible? As long as you want, as long as Shea is willing, the two of you can be together. Before her accident, I think the two of you got along very well.”

Wesley: “I think it’s enough for me and her to get along as friends.”

“Brother Wesley, when Shea is over, you should ask. Think about it. If she is willing to marry you, and you don’t despise her.”

“How could I despise her?” Wesley interrupted her.

Avery sighed, “Since you don’t dislike her, then you can wait for her and let her decide what kind of relationship you two get along with. Have you never been in love? Why are you so passive?”

Wesley frowned.



Today, the Jobin family held a party to entertain relatives and friends.

Rebecca was pregnant now, and there were bodyguards by her side all the time.

The bodyguard protecting her was not an outsider, but Lorenzo.

Lorenzo’s skills were good. In addition, he and Rebecca have known each other since childhood, and they are as close as brothers and sisters.

Elliot and Kyrie entertained the guests together.

“Today is the first time for our brothers to meet after their relationship broke. Come, let’s have a drink!” The third brother raised his glass and shouted for a drink.

Elliot said to Kyrie: “Big brother can’t drink recently. Let me drink with you.”

“I’m happy today, I’ll drink with you.” Kyrie held up a glass of champagne, and after clinking with them, he took a sip.

After a while, he became dizzy.

“Hey, I can’t accompany you to drink, I’m going to take a break.” Kyrie was supported by the bodyguard and left the banquet hall.

After Kyrie left, the third brother laughed: “Kyrie’s body is not as good as before.”

“He is almost sixty years old, and he has to do it if he doesn’t agree with him.”

“Elliot, maybe you don’t have to do anything, At that time, everything in the Jobin family will naturally be in your hands.” The fourth brother said.

Elliot shook his head, “I can’t wait that long.”

The fourth brother said, “Then you must wait until Rebecca gives birth, right?”

“The child in her womb is not mine.” Elliot took a sip of wine.

The fourth brother said, “Don’t say things like that outside. Otherwise, Kyrie will know and won’t let you go.”

“Well.” Elliot glanced at Rebecca.

Rebecca was eating and chatting with the female guests. Although Lorenzo was by her side, Lorenzo’s eyes fell on Elliot’s side.

Elliot withdrew his gaze. He drank and chatted with everyone, and after a while, a slightly familiar face flashed by in front of him.

He looked at the figure, and saw that the person was carrying a tray and was walking through the banquet hall. He immediately put down the wine glass and strode over.

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